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Larry Silverstein – Developments at World Trade Center

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Mar 172012
The worlds greatest developers are right here in NYC and Larry Silverstein holds eminent domain.Silverstein welcomed the B’nai B’rith by praising their over 100 year old organization and their extraordinary work- saying when he was asked if he would give his time ” definitely” and when they asked if would pay for lunch – “of course.”
The animated, charasmatic and joyful impressario of Silverstein Properties standing behind a sleekly designed transparent lecturn talked for nearly 40 minutes about his most important project -The development of The new World Trade Center complex.The group of seventy sat in neat white chairs alongside 12 foot high glass windows privy to the magnificent view overlooking the development site – the renaissance of downtown New York City.

In relating what he termed as the progress down here Silverstein imparted his vision of what downtown will become and a few lessons he has learned along the way of a 55 year career.

1) Don’t bet against New York – It always comes back and strongly.
2) If you build it they will come. Continue reading »