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Products and Services


Every Picture Tells a Story is the well known aphorism and trademark definition of any photographer –

worth their salt or in today’s lingo – their pixels.

The question is what story. The answer can only be the client’s story.

Our services range from:

A single portrait to extravagant events with opportunities for portraits, public relations, journalism and integration of our services with every other form of print and digital media.

The coordination of photography with all of the media demands today requires much more than just pointing and clicking!

Photography has always been a blend of science and art – today that’s true more  than ever.

That’s why our photographers are adept in both traditions – assuring the value of our service first in our expertise and then in our experience.

That’s why “OUR” Photos Tell THE Story…the client’s story because that’s what’s we’re hired to accomplish and we know how to take the photos that matter most!

Whether we are taking a single portrait or building a large public relations campaign each and every image is designed to capture the imagination and bring the value of our subject -whether it’s an individual or an entire organization to the limelight.

Our knowledge and experience make the difference in getting you the images that Tell Your Story.